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We offer Business Development and Sales Outreach services, digital consulting services and MarketX+BDX advisory services with the aim of growing exponentially.

IncrementumX - Business Development, SEO, Digital marketing, Growth advisory services firm

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We partner with our clients and prospects in their Growth journey. Growth indicates not just profits and better margins which are the natural summation of all that we do but, also learning and intelligence that falls back on the brain’s neuroplasticity.

Growth here also indicates a mindset that allows one to think differently, provide out of the box solutions to client’s challenges and overall deliver innovative solutions. We are entrepreneurs first and we also angel invest in our personal capacities so the strife of an entrepreneur who is looking at levers to scale is something we relate to absolutely.

Zarja Cibej

Zarja Cibej

Founder & CEO at myTamarin

The team at IncX have a real passion for and understanding of SEO. They’ve brought that passion into myTamarin to inform our digital marketing strategy and help us improve our online presence in the UK.

Colleen Wong

Colleen Wong

Founder at Techsixtyfour

Sonica and IncX have been invaluable in my startup journey, helping me with my digital strategy and ensuring that both Gator and me have the best chance of success.

Jax Chew

Jax Chew


Sandeep and IncX have helped us gain online visibility which has resulted in an increase of clients and enquiries from Singapore. The team is knowledgeable in digital marketing and has delivered

Sudhir Sen

Sudhir Sen

Founder and Product Head at Option3

IncX were able to quickly understand our value proposition and position us to key decision makers both in India and overseas.

PK Sundararajan

PK Sundararajan

Founder and CEO at AptEner Mechatronics

Sandeep and IncX helped BluSnap find distribution partners and early adopters in SE Asia. Look forward to the relationship. 

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We know how important customer experience is for a business, and therefore, we strive to make your company excel in this.

Incrementum is a latin word indicating increase or increment as opposed to decrement.

IncrementumX, the word indicates the possibility for growth exponentially.

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We are a growth advisory firm that helps brands to achieve their business outcomes. We bring creative ideas and innovations to life.

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