5 Secret Habits of a Great Storyteller

How much is the right amount of quintessential content? How does a successful content marketeer disseminate them? Are you an engaging storyteller? Telling a story is the human way of making sense of abstract concepts and complex messages. They impact, inspire, and motivate people. 

Good storytelling is certainly an art form. It alters our perception, attitudes, beliefs, and behavior and is an irreplaceable tool in content marketing. How do you tell an impactful story of your brand to your target audience? You do this through strong and personal storytelling. 

Who is your audience

Who do you want to engage and connect to through your story? In the case of a brand, your target audience. Build a story around who wants to hear your story and respond to its impact. Always consider the listener’s perspective and adequately include elements of the brand’s journey in your story.

Keep it clear and crisp

The best narrators, shrink-wrap the front end of the story, and only the right structure of the story matters. The more redundant it becomes, the less engaged your audience will be with your brand. The idea of your brand has to be clear.

Attention to detail

Crafting your story is very important. Detailing is a tight rope skill. Too much and it confuses your audience. Too little and it creates questions on authenticity.


Experiment with your storytelling medium. Engage them with visuals and pure content accordingly. Try audio, video, and posters. Do a potpourri.

Feed on feedbacks

Feed on your feedback. How well does the story stick, how personal is it, does it match expectations and context? What’s the shared value and how can you make it better and more engaging? How does it get told again?  The key to an effective story is in its delivery and encores!

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