Who We are

We partner with our clients and prospects in their Growth journey. Growth indicates not just profits and better margins which are the natural summation of all that we do but, also learning and intelligence that falls back on the brain’s neuroplasticity. Growth here also indicates a mindset that allows one to think differently, provide out of the box solutions to client’s challenges and overall deliver innovative solutions. We are entrepreneurs first and we also angel invest in our personal capacities so the strife of an entrepreneur who is looking at levers to scale is something we relate to absolutely.

Dweck’s theory of mindset

This premise falls back on CARL DWECK, a Lewis and Virginia Eaton professor of Psychology at Stanford University and her students (2012) who coined the terms fixed mindset and Growth mindset when it comes to education. Brain plasticity or malleability or the flexibility of neurons is possible with experience, habits and repetitive usage or wiring of those neurons in new and different ways to achieve different results.

The best way to start on this journey is to know where one is, and then assess what is needed to progress. We all live in a continuum and consistent self-assessment helps us become the person we want to be.

In the business world, this translates to -

We partner with clients across industries that are willing to experiment, learn, try new ways. This allows for more creativity in the line of business that we are in. This also further creates an organizational culture that is open, flexible, constantly evolving in their skills and thinking and will also seek and allow for employees who show a capacity for such growth.

We believe in continuous innovation and are building on a linear progressive model. We work with select clients when they are product market fit. We love to hear from funded startups, Mid-sized organizations in the Healthcare, BFSI, SaaS organizations who are on their digital transformation journey.

How did it all begin?

Sandeep, one of our key founders got exposed to startups back in 2005 while doing an entrepreneurial field study back at business school. Since then, he has been actively involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem both in India and SE Asia over the last decade+. The recurrent problem statement that he kept encountering over and over again on how businesses can Go-To-Market t in a cheap and efficient fashion triggered the inception of IncrementumX.

Over a period of time he managed to identify the right mix of specialists and generalists who are equally passionate about helping businesses grow. The team consists of a bunch of young, enthusiastic professionals -A good mix of Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Marketers, Growth Hackers, Business developers, ex-Corporate Leaders, Project Managers, Free- thinking design aficionados, SEO analysts and Web developers.

We are Entrepreneurs first and are always looking to solve business challenges that you face and create a DIRECT and lasting impact. We believe in the power of ‘Levity effect,’ with our leaders who create a fun workplace and therefore ensuring higher productivity, creativity, open mindedness, a free hand to explore. This obviously ensures our low attrition rates, higher morale and a stronger bottom line.

Research has also shown that leaders who have taught themselves to be funnier are more effective communicators and better salespeople, have more engaged employees, earn a lot more name than their peers and are much thinner. OK, maybe not the last one. This does not make Success a distantly achievable objective for us. The very reason we create an informal environment with colleagues, work mates, clients and partners is this. Fun and success go hand in hand. And, all companies should be wondering how to have more fun.

IncX – A  Company
IncrementumX is a wholly owned subsidiary of DIRO.

DIRO Business Solutions was set up in 2017 as an idea factory combined with an accelerator to help build on ideas, assemble teams and help go-to-market in the cheapest, fastest way. IncX is brand built under the DiRO framework.

Fast Facts

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What can we do for you?

We do not provide advice from 35,000 feet above as probably as an outsourced CMO or CBO would but we roll up our sleeves and help you define your marketing strategy, marketing mix, channel, help you better understand your buyer personas, their journeys, help gather all or most of their contextual information, craft laser targeted marketing or sales outreach campaigns, open our black books of contacts to help you reach the critical business owner and much more.

How we do it for you

We own and offer a consultative and data driven Business development (BD) and or sales outreach stack to help your business to reach their decision makers in a contextual relationship manner.

We offer a triple layer of Digital, BD/sales outreach, business advisory stacks that you can leverage as a plug and play opportunity to ensure better return on investments and growth for your organization.

Our Engagement Model

Our engagements and projects are based on modest retainers combined with outcome based pricing (OBP) model as there is no one solution fits all. This helps us in understanding your challenges better. With OBP solutions, we are incentivized to help our customers win. This means you are never wasting money on ineffective or underperforming technology – you are paying for true performance.

Essentially, this also means that we are the one assuming all risks associated with non-performance – not your organization. We also are responsible for finding a solution when things aren’t working as expected. This, rest assured also means there are no hidden fees or surprises in the end. We help you develop a transformation roadmap and alter as necessary when new business challenges arise, and you can trust you’ll always get the best advice because the outcome impacts your bottom line as well.

Unique assessment framework

As we set out on our journey to build and grow organizations we will actively work towards-

Qualify, route and convert customers more quickly

Help with more push messages that will convert more signups into customers

Manage your digital and social footprints. We can help with training your staff for integrated chat helpdesk and providing the right script for conversion

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We are a growth advisory firm that helps brands to achieve their business outcomes. We bring creative ideas and innovations to life.

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