We are a society that runs on the currency of Digital, Data and Social. In some countries across the world, water maybe scarce but technology still saves them. Digital marketing has an incredible influence on interactions, habits, mindsets, and day to day workings. The world has changed and many organizations are still playing catchup and trying to create a presence in the digital space. As celebrities recede in importance, influencers are the next big avatars. It is at this point of flux that our offerings will help your brand or businesses thrive as we make a concerted effort to hear you, your challenges and then provide solutions and services that fit.

Digital strategy for business

  • We create a disruptive model framework for your business after sufficiently analyzing available information. We help plot digital customer behavior in the user journey. We work on the possibilities to move the needle for a lean startup to move towards enterprise scale innovation. 

Search Engine Strategy

  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) – Our plan works on amplification of the volume of your organization’s keywords, and improving the quality of traffic to your destination website with increased visibility, and leveraging the preferred organic search results. We offer significant difference to your SEO numbers when included and involved right from the wireframe stage of development. There is no better marketing/branding than organic traffic generated to your website from Google, Bing, etc.  

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – We help increase your digital (SEM -Only Search Engine Marketing) metrics based on budgets for the quarter or year. After hearing you and your business concerns, we work on a strategy document and template to capture the as-is state. Paid promotions placed very strategically, and ad displays through Google’s auto bidding help bring in the traffic and fitting audiences and help move the brand to an aspirational state.

We also work on the campaign management of your brand- that supports specific business goals – Awareness, Leads, Sales etc. The entire package rights from deciding to run a campaign, the pre-campaign analysis, campaign ongoing review and post campaign analysis are some of the services we offer and the complete reports and analysis are shared with you.

Content strategy

We focus on planning, creation, governance and delivery of your entire content module. This includes images and multimedia as well. The goal is to create not just content but a personality to your brand. We handle audit and analysis of what exists, consider what could be used, reused and repackaged, maintain consistency and uniformity to what comes out of the shelf and provide targets in terms of numbers, likes and comments once done. 

Social media strategy

The key component of the social strategy is to consider what channels work for the brand considering the product, industry and competition. Once done, we work with you on a plan, that incorporates organic and paid opportunities and ensure that the brand impression remains seamless across channels. Creating social channels is one half of the story. The other half is to ensure your internal stakeholders promote the channel content effectively for wider reach.

Analytics and Reporting

It’s one thing to gather numbers. It’s another thing to make sense of them and synthesize them. We analyze and monitor performance across channels for all organic and paid digital activities. That’s what we offer you – the complete action plan that leads to successful performance marketing. Once you have the impressive numbers as promised, you would be happy to share them with your leadership.

We use best in class tools and applications to measure online traffic and behaviour across channels and timezones. We then develop indicators to measure the health of your online performance – what is best suggested and acceptable in the market. We also work on creating exhaustive dashboards for regular tracking, and slice and dice of numbers as needed.

What we also offer are underlying patterns seen in the numbers and therefore the next steps that one can take for a spike.

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We are a growth advisory firm that helps brands to achieve their business outcomes. We bring creative ideas and innovations to life.

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